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Buy the Phantom CMh Lighting Kit ($525)

phantom-light-2Get the CYCO ProKit* with Suga Rush Free! ($258 value)

This state of the art lighting kit, which includes a reflector, bulb and Phantom’s famed silent radio frequency shielded ballast is a great holiday gift for the indoor gardener in your life!

Ceramic metal halide lights are as powerful as a 1000w high intensity discharge light but use only 315 watts. With this kit, you can dramatically increase your yields and save money.

Features include:

  • Superior PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux – the intensity of horticulturally usable light per second)
  • Amazing PAR (horticulturally usable light radiation) per watt performance
  • Horticulturally-optimized spectrum and increased UV promote enhanced plant quality and yield.
  • Excellent Longevity – 90% Photoactive Radiation output at 8,000 hours with an average lifespan of 20,000 hours.

*The Cyco Platinum ProKit nutrient line is the perfect choice for all serious gardeners. This complete package of superior formulated products, includes everything required from start to harvest. The ProKit contains an easy to read growth and bloom chart for all mediums. Both charts are based on a week to week color coded system, making the ProKit one of the most user-friendly kits available.

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