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Our laying flock of Jersey Giant chickens are moved to new sections of pasture every few days, allowing them to forage for a supply of fresh grasses and forbs as well as bugs and worms. Do not be fooled by “vegetarian-fed” labels on egg cartons — chickens are omnivores and need protein to produce rich, healthy eggs. The chickens’ grain ration also includes spent brewery grain from Second Line Brewing and Wayward Owl Brewery.

Pastured chickens produce eggs that are far superior to eggs from industrial chicken houses. Chickens crammed into overcrowded chicken houses with no room to move around and fed only GMO grains produce eggs with pale yellow yolks.  Our eggs have a more vibrant orange yolk, reflecting the richness of vitamins — especially beta carotene — provided by the chickens’ natural diets. Indeed, when tested, pastured eggs often have 7 times more beta carotene and vitamin E, 20 times more Omega 3 fatty acids, and 25%-30% less saturated fat and total cholesterol than eggs from industrial chickens.  These eggs are healthier, of course, but they also taste better, and are fantastic to cook and bake with!

Eggs are available at Laughing Buddha Nursery for $5 a dozen.