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Laughing Buddha specializes in hydroponic growing systems and we’re a dealer of Hydrofarm. We have everything you need to get started with an indoor or outdoor hydroponic growing system, including:

  • Containers in various sizes from grow tables to trays, square pots, net pots, Rootmaker Pots, Smart Pots, etc. 
  • Growing media such as expanded clay pebbles, rockwool (primarily Grodan grow blocks and plugs) and coconut fiber.
  • Active Aqua air pumps, air stones (in various shapes and sizes) and submersible pumps as well as the corresponding tubing and fittings.
  • Carbon filters and inline fans.
  • pH and ppm pens, pH test indicators, thermostats, digital light meters, water timers, outlet timers and other useful tools to automate and monitor your hydroponic system.
  • Complete hydroponic system kits, such as General Hydroponics’ Water Farm, The Root Spa Bucket System (Active Aqua), Emily’s Garden Aeration Circulation Hydroponic System and Mega Garden Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Growing System.

Check out our Nutrients and Fertilizers section for the brands and three-part nutrient systems we stock.