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Our pigs are raised naturally and humanely, resulting in rich pork flavor that is incomparable to factory farmed pork. Our breeders live on pasture and our sows farrow (aka have their litters of piglets) in the field. Once the piglets are weened, we move them to a hoop house using deep litter bedding method.

In the hoop house, they start with a thick layer of mulch as bedding. Over time, they essentially create a compost pile under their hooves. This has multiple benefits, most especially that beneficial molds and fungi form in the bedding and provide natural antibiotics to lounging pigs. Our pigs eat a diet of non-GMO grain (including corn grown by our neighbors!), as well as green chop (cut grass from our orchard), and many veggie and table scraps.

Finally, the hogs move to the forest, where they help manage invasive shrubs and root for tasty tubers and acorns to their hearts’ content. Through each stage, they enjoy the fresh air and plenty of room to roam around and exercise during the day. At night, they can to snuggle up in pig piles. They’re raised without unnecessary antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Because of our methods, the pigs are healthy and don’t suffer from stress and ulcers that are common in confinement pigs fed GMO grain.

Our methods also make for delicious pork. The meat has real fat, real flavor and deeper color than pork from the grocery store. Once you try it, you may never go back conventional!

Pork Pricing

Price per pound — cut

  • $8 — Pork chops (2.5-4.5 lb)
  • $8 — Ground pork/plain sausage (~ 1 lb)
  • $8 — Shoulder roasts (3.5 lb to 5 lb)
  • $8 — Ham roasts (4 lb – 5.5 lb)
  • $8 — Belly/uncured belly (5 lb – 7 lb)
  • $8 — Rib racks (5 lb – 6 lb)
  • $4 — Hocks (.75 lb – 1.25 lb)
  • $4 — Organ meats (.5 lb – 3 lb)
  • $1.75 — Bones (1.5 lb – 2 lb)
  • $1.75 — Trotters (feet) (4 lb)
  • $1.75 — Lard for rendering (1 lb – 2 lb)

Whole/Half Hog Orders

Save money and stock your freezer! Buy the entire hog (or half) and customize how it is cut and packaged.

Your pig will be butchered into cuts various cuts (see above list for example). There are many opportunities for customization. Call Grant for details on placing an order: 504-234-3564.

Whole and half pigs are priced by the hanging weight (the weight of the carcass after slaughter). There will be approximately a 20% loss due to inedible parts removed during butchering. Therefore, the weight of packaged meat you receive will be less than the estimated hanging weights shown

Price List

Whole Pig (~170 lbs hanging weight) – $5.75/lb
Half Pig (~85 lbs hanging weight) – $6.25/lb
*Final price will be determined by actual hanging weight of the hog. Our goal is raise our pigs to the estimates listed but each animal is an individual and may deviate slightly.