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Chevron (goat meat) is the most eaten meat in the world, though it’s not very common here just yet. It’s full of flavor (it’s great curried, stewed or roasted), but very lean.

Our breeding herd of goats (a combination of Myotonic, Kiko and Boer breeds) are raised entirely on pasture. Our property was previously farmed for conventional corn and soybeans, leaving compacted soil, and in the pasture, a variety of plants that cattle or sheep would not thrive on. By practicing rotational grazing through our existing pasture, the goats mow down the overgrown shrubs, fertilize with their manure, helping us gradually build back the soil quality.

In the wooded part of our property, many beautiful oak trees are being crowded out by invasive Chinese privet and other overgrown shrubs. Turns out, the goats love the privet! As browsers, they also go after things like blackberry brambles and poison ivy. By rotating through the forest as well as the pasture, the goat herd turning overgrown woods back into a healthy and vibrant forest ecosystem.



Our goat meat is primarily wholesaled, but if you are interested in goat meat or a whole goat, please contact Grant at 504-234-3564.