Gift Cards and Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

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Gift Cards and Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

We have gift cards and a few special promotions just in the time for the holidays!

Gift cards: Starting at $25, we can make gift cards in any increment you like. Cards are good for GROW products, BREW products and even naturally raised pork, chicken and eggs from Local Cooling Farms. Perfect for the gardener, home brewer or foodie in your life!

Smart Pot Mini Garden Kit: Available in 15 gallon ($36.50) or 20 gallon ($48.50) sizes, we’ll put together the container, soil and seeds needed for the perfect mini garden gift. Winter is a great time to grow food, especially lettuces, greens, radishes and other cool crops. Give the gift of homegrown food!

Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Garden: We’ve put together a 6 in x 40 in Dutch Leach Tray with 5 Root Maker Pots to get you started with a simple Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Garden Kit. This includes Active Aqua Submersible 160 Pump, Active Aqua Air Pump with Barrel Air Stone, Grow-IT Coco Coir Bail, 1 gallon bag of grow stones, and 5 gallon black bucket and timer. All of this for $99 and you’ll receive free nutrients with your purchase (House & Garden Coco A&B, House & Garden Aqua Flakes, or Elite Garden 7 part sample kit).

Buy the Phantom CMh Lighting Kit ($525) and Get Cyco ProKit with Suga Rush nutrient line for free! ($258 value). 


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