Eggs and Sausage for Thanksgiving!

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Eggs and Sausage for Thanksgiving!

truly pastured eggs from happy chickens

Our Jersey Giant flock of chickens free ranges on pasture, moving to a new section every few days (following in the wake of our herd of goats — who mow down the plants to an ideal level that the chickens can eat.)

We got eggs!

More of our young chickens have decided to start laying, just in time for Thanksgiving. Most of our egg supply is committed to our friends at Oak Oven/Tremani Pasta Co., but starting now, we’ll have several dozen each week available for retail sales at Laughing Buddha Nursery ($5 per dozen). Another 50 chickens are set to start laying in 6 weeks, and another 50 more by April or May. Our chickens are raised on pasture (and moved to a fresh section every few days) so they eat what nature intended chickens to eat: grasses and forbs and all the insects and worms they can get their beaks on. (They also get a grain supplement to round out their diet, including spent brewery grain from Second Line Brewing, Wayward Owl Brewing and — very soon! — Brieux Carre Brewing Company).

To celebrate the start of retail egg sales and prepare for a fresh supply of pork in early December, we’re putting our pork sausage on sale with the purchase of a dozen eggs. We have breakfast sausage, mild Louisiana sausage, hot Louisiana sausage and plain ground pork (great for seasoning yourself as andouille, Italian, chorizo, etc.) in stock. All sausage (not in casings, approximately 2 pound packages) is 20% off with purchase of eggs.

healthy pastured eggs

Breakfast at the farm: two duck eggs (top row) and two pastured chicken eggs!

Our eggs and sausage will make a delicious stuffing for your Thanksgiving table. We made this Frank Brigtsen recipe for our Friendsgiving a few weeks ago: Andouille Cornbread Stuffing and it was delicious.

Come and get it while supplies last!

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