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Our Cornish Rock chickens are raised in a hybrid pasture and deep litter method, depending on the season and potential for major rainfall. For the first three weeks, chicks are raised in a brooder. At three weeks, we evaluate weather to keep them in a deep litter environment (living on a probiotic-rich compost pile) or to put them out on pasture. When they stay in the deep litter bedding, we also grow sprouted grains and bring them red wiggler worms to supplement their feed.

In either case, our chickens eat a natural and varied diet and enjoy fresh air, sunshine, space to scratch and peck and generally act like chickens, as well as protection from the elements. We never use hormones or antibiotics.

We also occasionally have gumbo/stew birds (retired laying hens or roosters hatched out from our breeding flock of Jersey Giants). These birds need to be slow cooked but have tremendous flavor!

Chicken Pricing:

  • Whole Broiler Chicken — $4 per pound (usually 3-4 pounds)
  • Stewing Hens or Capones (Roosters) – $2 per pound (3-5 pounds)
  • Chicken feet or organ meats – $1.75 per pound