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Curing bacon at home

Farmer Grant explains how easy it is to cure your own bacon. We will be cold smoking this pork belly after curing for two weeks, but if you don't have access to a smoker, no problem. Cured, unsmoked bacon is great, too! We have a few pieces of pork belly still available (frozen) from [...]

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Gift Cards and Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

We have gift cards and a few special promotions just in the time for the holidays! Gift cards: Starting at $25, we can make gift cards in any increment you like. Cards are good for GROW products, BREW products and even naturally raised pork, chicken and eggs from Local Cooling Farms. Perfect for the gardener, [...]

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Eggs and Sausage for Thanksgiving!

Our Jersey Giant flock of chickens free ranges on pasture, moving to a new section every few days (following in the wake of our herd of goats -- who mow down the plants to an ideal level that the chickens can eat.) We got eggs! More of our young chickens have decided [...]

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Forest-Finished Whole and Half Hog Orders

We're taking orders for our heritage pork, particularly whole and half hogs. As hurricane season comes to a close and the holidays approach, this is a great time to stock your freezer with delicious, clean and humanely-raised protein.  (All cuts come in vacuum-sealed packaging, so can last through the winter in your freezer). [...]

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Yeast in Stock

We've refreshed our supply of brewing yeast, including many popular yeasts from Lallemand (Abbaye, Belle Saison, BRY-97, CBC-1, Munich Class and Windsor) and Safale (K-97, S-33, T-58, WB-06 and Safcider). Come by and stock up for your fall brews!

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Fall Seeds, Soils and Amendments

Seeds in Stock Our fall seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds have arrived! Fall and winter are our favorite gardening seasons in Louisiana and late September through November are great times to get seeds in the ground. Check out Dan Gill's monthly gardening calendar about exactly what to plant when. In seed [...]

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In Our Garden: Nematode Infestation!

I pulled out some underperforming cucumbers and saw the telltale knobby roots of a nematode infestation. Nematodes are microscopic worm-like organisms that feast on your plant's roots, inhibiting their ability to uptake nutrients and water. Above-ground symptoms include yellowing of leaves, stunted growth, loss of vigorous growth and lack of yield. My plan is to [...]

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