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Laughing Buddha Nursery has evolved over the years. One thing that has remained consistent is our mission to equip people with tools and knowledge to be successful in their agricultural pursuits. Today we focus on helping our customers GROW plants naturally and organically,IMG_0323 and BREW their own beer, wine, and vinegar.

Grant Estrade started Laughing Buddha as a kiosk within the former Metairie outdoor gear store, Adventure Sports. We moved to our current location in 2004. At that time, the shop focused on organic and natural gardening supplies, edible nursery stock, and wildlife attractants such as bird feeders.

In 2005, LBN, along with everyone along the Gulf Coast, focused on rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. A significant need that emerged among our customers was for nutrient-rich and chemical-free garden soil and compost. Today we have a robust composting program and offer an array of soil and compost fertilizers.

In 2014, we began selling home beer brewing supplies to help serve the burgeoning home brew community in the greater New Orleans area.

Our overarching goal is to help people dabble in practices like gardening and brewing, which used to be considered a normal part of daily life and take back some control of our food supply from multi-national conglomerates. We encourage individuals to take up D.I.Y. activities, to have a compost pile in the backyard, try your hand at raising some chickens or ducks, learn how to bake bread, to grow at least some of your own food or to brew a small batch of beer or ferment your own vinegar.